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Replacement of Air Compressor

Design Engineering, Supply, Installation & Comissioning of Air Compressor, Dryer, Receiver, Civil Foundation, Shed, Pneumatic Piping & Cabling at 19 locations under Ankleshwar Asset of ONGC.

Client : ONGC

Air Compressors

Helideck Lighting System

Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Circle & H Lights, Helicopter Approach Path Indicator (HAPI), Status Lights with Repeater, Lighted Wind in Sock MH,  N&H  and  B&S  Assets

Client : ONGC, Seamec, Shelf Drilling, Aban,

Vantage Drilling


Sea Water Lift Pumps

Design, Supply, Installation of 3 Nos Sea Water Lift Pumps, related pipes, electrical & instrumentation systems, valves, motor operated hoist, etc.

Client : ONGC

Sea water lift pump.jpg

Replacement of Hypochlorite Generator (chlorinator)

Design, detailed engineering, supply, fabrication, installation, testing & commissioning of Hypochlorite Generator (Chlorinator) complete with all accessories, replacement of piping work along with Instruments etc at SCA, SHW, & ICW Platforms

Client : ONGC

Chlorinator SHP, ICP_edited.jpg

Operation & Maintenance of Cranes

Operation & Maintenance including supply of 
consumables for cranes installed at various offshore platforms of MH, B&S and N&H assets for 03 years 

Client : ONGC


Replacement of Aviation Fuel System

Design, Supply & Installation of New Instruments / Pumps including motor driver, tank, filter, control panel, instruments and other accessories & auxiliaries.

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